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WELCOME TO  PAWNA Relaxation Nest Camp

book a stay at pawna lake camping

-Monsoon Camping Offer-

More Than 5 People-10% Off ON Every Package

More Than 10  People-15% Off ON Every Package

Note- Limitted Time Offer Only /Hurry UP


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Candle Light Dinner


Live Music


Wooden Cottages

Outdoor Movie_edited.jpg

Movie Screening


Free Balloon Decoration


Feel like you been stressed out, well you are just one spot away from a hot spot destination to drain out all your stresses and worries. What are you waiting for? Make your wheels spin and your legs walk to a very riveting & spell-bounding destination.. yeah!! Its “Pawna Lake Camping“. The reason you need to step your feet into the comforting sand of Pawna is that the serenity providing a flow of lake water, and the melodious sound produced by the chilly breeze. No doubt you gonna experience nature’s symphony and not to forget the eye-catching comely kissing of the mountains. This place is really hit the spot with the exploration of the historical forts. A lot of history & the triumph of great warriors is associated with forts following.
Tung Fort, Tikona Fort, Lohgad Fort, Visapur Fort.

The perfect existence of God created nature will compel your fingertips every time to capture the real beauty of the aura. You can actually fell nature’s love radiating out from the pictures which will absolutely stand for souvenir’s to be given to your loved ones. You really live and cherish moment about the place from the dusk till the down. The sunrise at this place is splendid and you gonna observe the true beauty and striking colors of nature. The cold winds blowing at the crack of the dawn will fill the hearts with positive emotion and true human spirit. This place is always known for their best pictures to be snapped. Enjoy the experience of Pawna Lake Camping with your family and friends. Live the Freedom!!!

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A man and two women having fun drinking coffee by a river

  Rain Dance Available
           Only Weekend

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Camp site Description

Relaxation Nest Camping is a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in nature. We offer a variety of campsites that are perfect for families, couples, solo adventurers, and groups of friends. Our goal is to provide a safe and stress-free environment where you can enjoy the best that nature has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a simple weekend get-away or an extended stay, Relaxation Nest Camping is the perfect place to unplug and recharge.


This package includes camping and sightseeing around the campsite. You can also enjoy outdoor games available at the campsite. Enjoy bonfire at the campsite. 


  • Snacks in the evening: Tea and Pakoda

  • Free BBQ (Limited - One serving each traveler)

  • Veg- Dinner: Dal tadka, Paneer sabji or veg sabji, chapati, steamed rice, salad, Sweet.

  • Non Veg- Dinner: Chicken curry, Chicken dry masala, chapati, steamed rice, salad

  • Breakfast on the second day: Tea and Poha

▪️ Notes:-

  1. The seat will be confirmed only upon the completion of payment. 

  2. Bank transfer 

  3. Phone pay /Gpay /BHIM(upi)

  4. (advance payment is non-refundable) 

  5. Prior booking is mandatory,  30% needs to be paid in advance for confirmation of booking & Balance 70%  On one day prior 

Things to Carry:
1. Extra clothes
2. Personal medicine 
3. Winter wear
4. Raincoat or Umbrella
5. ID Proof

Why prefer us 😊

1. We Respect Customers & Customer Money
2. Fully Lakeside Locations 
3. Quality & Tasty Food
4. Premium Quality Tent with Proper Setup &. Hygien (Provided Waterproof Tent In Monsoon)
5. We have our own campsite, we are not an agent
6. 24/7 call support on 9158856509 ,9049448486
7. Full secured for ladies & Children's
8. Fridge  available
9. Jain food can also be arranged
10. Clean Toilets & Bathroom 
11. Booking Advance Amount only 30%
12. Dj System In Good Condition 
13. Supportive & Helpful Staff 
14. First Aid Kit 
15. Free Parking 
16. Charging Point 
17. Instant Booking Confirmation Reciept
18. Not Taking Over Crowd (Limited Seats)
19. Proper Events Management 

20. Inverter Power backup

21.Hot Bath Water available 

🚗Transportation Available On Paid Charges🚗

From Lonavala Railway Station-
From Kamshet Railway Station-


        999/- Per Person

  • PREMIUM Quality Tent

  • Live Music ( Every Saturday)

  • Movie Screening 

  • Lawn Area

  • 4 PM to next day 11:30 AM

  • Sharing Tents (2/3)

  • Evening High Tea with Pavbhaji 

  • (Unlimitted)

  • BBQ (Veg/Non-Veg; Pav kilo per person)

  • Dinner (Veg/Non-Veg; 

  • (Unlimitted)

  • Bonfire​

  • Breakfast (Tea/coffee with Poha 

  • (Unlimitted)

  • First Aid Kit, Parking, Common Toilets, Bathrooms

  • Archery, Dart game, Cricket, Football, Badminton, Carom, Volleyball and more

        Candlelight Dinner

Silver​ @1199/- Per Person

  • PREMIUM Quality Tent

  • Live Music (Every Saturday)

  • Movie Screening 

  • Lawn Area

  • Candle light dinner privet

  • privet section for couple

  • privet bonfire couple group

  • 4 PM to next day 11:30 AM

  • Sharing Tents (2/3)

  • Evening High Tea with Pavbhaji 

  • (Unlimitted)

  • BBQ (Veg/Non-Veg; Pav kilo per person)

  • Dinner (Veg/Non-Veg; 

  • (Unlimitted)

  • Bonfire​

  • Breakfast (Tea/coffee with Poha 

  • (Unlimitted)

  • First Aid Kit, Parking, Common Toilets, Bathrooms

  • Archery, Dart game, Cricket, Football, Badminton, Carom, Volleyball and more

        Wooden Cottages

Gold @1499/- Per Person

  • Wooden Cottage Stay

  • Live Music ( Every Saturday )

  • Movie Screening 

  • Lawn Area

  • private bonfire couple group

  • 4 PM to next day 11:30 AM

  • Evening High Tea with Pavbhaji (Unlimitted)

  • BBQ (Veg/Non-Veg; Pav kilo per person)

  • Dinner (Veg/Non-Veg; (Unlimitted)

  • Bonfire​

  • Breakfast (Tea/coffee with Poha(Unlimitted)

  • First Aid Kit, Parking, Common Toilets, Bathrooms

  • Archery, Dart game, Cricket, Football, Badminton, Carom, Volleyball and more

  • Boating

  • Speed Boating

  • kayaking Boat

  • Paragliding

  • Traveling

Paid Activities

Free Event  Balloon Decoration

  • free birthday party decoration

  • anniversary decoration 

  • small event decoration  

Prati Pandharpur.jpg

Nearby attraction Prati -Pandharpur

The word Prati here means the replica. Prati-Pandharpur is a place near pawna lake Pune which is being constructed as the replica of Pandharpur. There is a handful of Prati-Temples around Pune like Prati-Balaji and Prati-Shirdi.


Pandharpur is a very famous pilgrimage in Maharashtra, India. Lord Vitthala who is considered as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu is the main deity in Pandharpur. Millions of people visit Pandharpur every year. Prati-Pandharpur is being constructed to give the same look and feel of Pandharpur by Baba Maharaj Satarkar who is a famous speaker on Dnyaneshwari and is well known for his devotion to Lord Vitthala.

Prati-Pandharpur is located in Dudhivare village near Pavana Dam over a few acres area. The famous Lohagad Fort is also located a few kilometers away from the temple. Though the project is not yet fully completed, the temple of Lord Vitthala and Saint Dnyaneshwar is worth visiting. The idols in the temples are very beautiful and are carved out of marble. There is a great design on the roof and a very beautiful chandelier hanging from the roof.

There is a place to stay here if you want to stay overnight. There is a beautiful garden in front of the temple. The climate is very pleasant. The place is surrounded by a lush green forest.

To reach Prati-Pandharpur, you have to reach Pavana Dam. You can reach there from Lonavala as well as from Pune.

Image by Prajwal Shetty

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In this article, you can find Pawna Lake Camping and Lonavala Villa Camping Information with Details ... [Info about the campsite, location, and facility]. Stay with us for more information about pawna lake camping packages, choose your best package according to your budget at pawna lake Lonavala booking site. Make the most of your vacation in Pawna Lake Camping. Book Your Accommodation Here!! Book My Pawna 


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